tn moved

tn moved

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Transpicuous News has Moved!

Transpicuous News has Moved!!!

Well my friends, I am retiring this Transpicuous News Blogspot site for now.  It has become very time consuming to continuously cross post between Removing the Shackles and Transpicuous News.  

.... NO!  I am not Closing Transpicuous News down, and YES, the Weekend and Midweek TN reports will still keep going out live on CCN and RTS every Sunday night at 9pm GMT and Wednesday night at 11pm GST.

Very Very soon I will be building a new Site that will incorporate both RTS and TN... but until then, You will find all of the Transpicuous News shows posted on Removing the Shackles.

Please go directly to Removing the Shackles for all News Updates.