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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

March 25, 2014: News Updates

Russia to Launch its Own Payment System, the ‘Universal Electronic Card’, to Bypass Visa, Mastercard etc

The 8:30 AM Gold Dump, Carry Pump Is Right On Time


This morning's pre-open is dominated by deja vu all over again. Just as we saw yesterday, right on cue at 830ET, gold (and silver) are unceremoniously dumped and USDJPY is pumped so as to ensure stocks look shiny for the US open (and Biotech can be dumped to the next greater fool). Oil is not moving, 30Y bonds are weaker, and the USD is flat... all makes perfect sense if you don't think about it.

Iraq Buys Massive 36 Tonnes Of Gold In March

Published in Market Update  Precious Metals  on 25 March 2014

Venezuela's Maduro Averts Military Coup, Arrests Three Air Force Generals

A day after Venezuela formally devalued its currency by way of the new and improved FX central planning system SICAD II, which sent the official value of the Bolivar 89% lower, the government desperately needed a distraction. It got just that when earlier today Socialist par excellence Nicolas Maduro announced that he had narrowly avoided a coup after he arrested three air force generals suspected of plotting an uprising against the leftist government.

 **Philippines prepares for historic peace deal

MILF rebels in the Philippines are about to sign a breakthrough peace deal to end the 40-year conflict.

 25 Mar 2014 12:42

Cotabato City, Philippines - Weeks before Benigno Aquino III was elected president of the Philippines in 2010, the rebel group Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) hosted a secret meeting with a high-ranking US embassy official and two American dignitaries....
Four years into his presidency, Aquino is set to oversee the signing of a final peace agreement with the MILF, the country's largest Muslim rebel group. Supporters hope the deal creating the autonomous Bangsamoro region will bring an end to 40 years of armed conflict in Mindanao that has killed at least 120,000 people and displaced more than two million. It is expected to be signed this Thursday, March 27.

SEC Is Probing Dealings by Banks and Companies in Loan Securities

Updated March 24, 2014 8:16 p.m. ET
The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether a Wall Street boom in complicated bond deals is creating new avenues for fraud, according to people close to the probes.

U.K. to Sell $7 Billion Lloyds Bank Stake to Money Managers

By Gavin Finch and Ambereen Choudhury Mar 25, 2014
The government is selling a 7.5 percent stake to money managers to cut its holding to about 25 percent, U.K. Financial Investments Ltd., which manages the government’s stake in the lender, said in a statement. The 5.35 billion shares will be sold at a price set by an accelerated bookbuilding, UKFI said.

What A Bank Run In China Looks Like: Hundreds Rush To Banks Following Solvency Rumors

Swiss set to make British ex-UBS banker head of financial regulator

ZURICH Tue Mar 25, 2014 9:10pm GMT
(Reuters) - The Swiss government is set to appoint British-born former banker Mark Branson as the first non-Swiss national to head its financial regulator, two sources said, just as the body probes currency markets and prepares for a major review of big banks.

IRS Rules Bitcoin Is Property (Not Currency)

After less than three months consideration, the IRS has issued its statement clarifying th etax treatment of Bitcoins (and other virtual currencies) before the April 15th Deadline. The finding, summarized, is that Vitual currencies will be treated as property (not as a currency) which, as WSJ notes, means an investor who buys bitcoin would typically have a capital gain or loss when it’s sold. The price of Bitcoin is rising modestly on this news...

French consumer watchdog sues Facebook, Twitter and Google

March 25, 2014 -- Updated 1753 GMT (0153 HKT)
Paris (CNN) -- France's top consumer watchdog filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Facebook, Twitter and Google, accusing them of breaching Internet users' privacy, in the latest crackdown against data-collection policies.

 Malaysian Air, Boeing Data on Plane Sought in U.S. Court

By Andrew Harris and Erik Larson Mar 25, 2014 8:24 PM GMT+0000
Malaysian Airline System Bhd. (MAS) and Boeing Co. (BA) records on Flight 370’s maintenance and crew are being sought by a law firm representing the father of one of the missing flight’s passengers, the opening salvo in what may end up being a barrage of litigation over the plane’s disappearance.

Two killed at US Navy base in Virginia

Tue Mar 25, 2014 3:5PM GMT
Two people aboard a guided-missile destroyer at a US Navy base in Norfolk, Virginia, were shot and killed late Monday.

‘Queen could be axed in new Scotland’

A senior Scottish National Party (SNP) has floated the idea of axing the Queen in an independent Scotland if the Scottish people voted ‘yes’ in a referendum to be held in September this year.

Sydney's Catholic Archdiocese has assets over $1 billion, royal commission told

Kim Dotcom’s Mega to get listing at New Zealand stock exchange

Published time: March 25, 2014 20:12
Mega, a cloud storage service founded by cyber fugitive Kim Dotcom, is heading for the New Zealand stock market for NZ$210 million ($179 million) via a back door listing.

Chileans demand constitution reform

Sun Mar 23, 2014 7:59AM GMT
Chileans have held a demonstration in the capital, Santiago, to demand constitutional reform.