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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

March 4, 2014: News Updates


Russian troops ordered home from surprise war games

Published time: March 04, 2014 06:06
President Putin has ordered troops sent last week to a surprise military exercise in western and central Russia to return to their bases.
Putin ordered the return after a Defense Ministry report, which said the exercises have been conducted successfully, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the media.

U.S. warships entered the Black Sea

March 3 2014- Google Translation
Motion vector indicates that they are moving to Ukraine, but there they are not welcome
In some media reported that two American warships - cruise missile destroyer Ramage and the flagship of the 6th Fleet U.S. Mount Whitney - crossed the Bosporus and the Dardanelles and entered the Black Sea. Speculated that they sent to the shores of Ukraine.

NATO troops landed in Lviv region

march 4 2014- Google Translation
Hundreds of NATO troops located in western Ukraine
On Tuesday, the Public Chamber of Russia held a hearing on the situation in Ukraine. The event was attended by well-known Russian, Ukrainian experts, government representatives. Bombshell information caused people's deputy of Ukraine Oleg Tsarev. According to him, began to disembark in Lviv ... NATO soldiers. "In March, planned exercise line" Ukraine-Atlantic alliance. " Until the spring is still far, but hundreds of Western troops have already started landing in Lviv. They say you should prepare for the exercises. There is information that Ukraine moved to the shores of the U.S. Navy warships.

Russia And China Stand In Agreement On Ukraine – And That Is Very Bad News For The United States

March 3rd, 2014
The Chinese government is publicly siding with Russia on the crisis in Ukraine, and that is very bad news for the United States.  Not only does it mean that the U.S. is essentially powerless to do anything about the situation in Ukraine, it also means that Russia and China are starting to understand how much economic leverage that they really have.

From Kabul to Kiev, American meddling wreaking havoc

Published time: March 02, 2014 15:45

Although Obama’s talk tough was little more than tossing raw meat to the hawks in the Republican Party, diseased beyond recognition by Neo-Con ideology, his comments nevertheless betrayed a breathless amount of hypocrisy.

After all, Washington wrote the book on violating the territorial integrity of sovereign states with its 2003 invasion of Iraq, which was wrongly accused of harboring weapons of mass destruction. Urgent pleas on the part of UN weapons inspectors, not to mention worldwide anti-war protests, fell on deaf ears in Washington as intelligence-challenged leaders dropped smart bombs on Baghdad.

Blamed on a case of “bad intelligence” – oops! – hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been killed over the past decade, while the country remains a basket case of ongoing sectarian violence and regular suicide bombings: a phenomenon completely unknown to Iraqis when the dictator Saddam Hussein was in charge.

Largest Oil Refinery in Europe is on Fire- march 3 2014

“Neftekamskneftehim” is the largest oil refinery in Europe. It is located in Tatarstan, Russia and today, at 7.00pm Moscow Time, dozens of firemen were urgently summoned as the oil giant started burning.
*note: upon searching for further information on this, ALL links were error 404.

28 Year Old CEO Of Bitcoin Exchange Dead After Possible Suicide

Posted about 15 hours ago
(Benjamin Jones)  According to Tech in Asia, Singapore-based Bitcoin exchange platform First Meta’s 28 year old CEO Autumn Radtke committed suicide. Reasons are currently unknown.

Another Bitcoin Bank "Loses" Its Deposits

march 3 2014
Just six days after proudly proclaiming that it was unscathed by the Mt.Gox debacle, another Bitcoin bank - Flexcoin - has admitted that it will be forced to close after hackers stole 896 bitcoin, worth around $600,000, in an attack on Sunday. As The Guardian reports, the company shut its website and posted a statement on Tuesday morning detailing the loss..."as Flexcoin does not have the resources, assets, or otherwise to come back from this loss, we are closing our doors immediately."

Jim Willie Bombshell: Saudi Royal Gold Ransacked in London to Prevent Default!

March 1st, 2014
“There will be no easy heads-up alert on the quick changes to the gold market. When the gold price starts rising, it will mean that China no longer has been given the big wide berth in high volume cheap gold purchases. A rising gold price will internally mean that the banks are breaking, at the same time the Chinese are to be frustrated. The Boyz are stealing all the Saudi gold now, left unprotected in London and Switzerland. The Saudis (and all Arabs) are the new targeted victims for stolen wealth in order to keep the system going. A massive disruption is coming.”
The rehypothecation of official gold accounts has entered a new phase. The gold owned by defenders of the Petro-Dollar is being seized, confiscated, pilfered, and stolen for the unspoken purpose of continuing the fiat paper currency regime with the tainted debauched USDollar at the center.

One dies in stampede at detention center in Saudi Arabia: Report

Tue Mar 4, 2014 6:50AM GMT
A stampede at a Saudi detention center for migrant workers awaiting deportation has reportedly caused one death and injured another nine people.
The Saudi government, grappling with high unemployment, now wants those jobs for the kingdom’s citizens, the paper said.
Human Rights Watch has said that Saudi Arabia has deported more than 12,000 people to conflict-ridden Somalia since the beginning of 2014.

Scotland to be left powerless within UK: Sturgeon

Tue Mar 4, 2014 7:11AM GMT
Scottish Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland will be left powerless and will face deep spending cuts if it stays in the United Kingdom.
Addressing business leaders in Glasgow on Monday, Sturgeon condemned mainstream parties in London, saying they were not willing to hand enough economic or political power to the Scottish parliament if they win the September 2014 referendum on independence.

Japan's Market Breaks

march 3 2014
Having ripped higher by over 200 points after the US close, Nikkei 225 futures have "glitched":


Iran’s foreign minister leaves for Japan

Tue Mar 4, 2014 9:19AM GMT
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has left for Japan to discuss bilateral ties as well as regional and international issues with senior Japanese officials.
Zarif’s visit to Japan comes at the invitation of Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and is aimed at expanding the bilateral ties between Tehran and Tokyo.

No 10 aide arrested over child porn: Police quiz 62-year-old who advised Cameron on web filters and was tipped for peerage

    Patrick Rock was one of David Cameron's closest aides
    The 62-year-old was involved in drawing up policy on child porn
    But he quit after allegations against him were revealed
    Unmarried aristocrat was tipped for peerage only weeks ago
PUBLISHED: 22:46 GMT, 3 March 2014

 US court rejects BP pay-out appeal

New Orleans court upholds ruling authorising businesses to seek compensation for the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
 04 Mar 2014 07:22

Cyprus MPs vote for privatization required by bailout

Tue Mar 4, 2014 4:14PM GMT
The parliament of Cyprus has voted for an amended privatization bill required by the country to keep its international bailout program on course.
The bill, which called for the privatization of the state-owned telecommunications company, the electricity company as well as the ports authority, was rejected by Cypriot lawmakers last week.
But, as a deadline for its approval on March 5 was looming to expire, lawmakers approved a guideline for asset sales to prevent the derailment of the bailout agreement with the European Union and International Monetary Fund in March 2013.

98-foot asteroid flashes between moon and Earth within 24 hours

Published time: March 04, 2014 16:08
An Apollo class asteroid is expected to whizz between the Earth and the moon on March 5. The 98-foot-wide space rock is expected to come within 218,000 miles of earth (0.9 lunar distances), creating quite the site for stargazers.

And last week, a 400 kg meteor slammed into the moon at a speed of 36,600 mph, leaving behind a 40-meter-wide crater.

 24 February 2014 Last updated at 13:55

    'Biggest observed meteorite impact' hits Moon

      By Rebecca Morelle Science reporter, BBC World Service
    The impact appeared as a bright white flash on 11 September 2013
    Scientists say they have observed a record-breaking impact on the Moon.
 The explosive strike was spotted by the Moon Impacts Detection and Analysis System (Midas) of telescopes in southern Spain on 11 September at 20:07 GMT.
"Usually lunar impacts have a very short duration - just a fraction of a second. But the impact we detected lasted over eight seconds. It was almost as bright as the Pole Star, which makes it the brightest impact event that we have recorded from Earth," said Prof Madiedo.
The researchers say a lump of rock weighing about 400kg (900lb) and travelling at 61,000km/h (38,000mph) slammed into the surface of the Moon.

video on RT here:

Sotheby's forced to buy back $83m diamond after buyer defaults

The Pink Star was discovered in a diamond mine in Africa by mining company De Beers in 1999 Photo: Reuters
4:10PM GMT 04 Mar 2014
Auction house Sotheby's has been forced to buy back a flawless, near-60 carat pink diamond it sold last November after the buyer defaulted on the record $83m payment.

The $83 Million Pink Diamond Default

Wolf in a YouTube video explaining the purchase said he was representing a group of investors and considered the diamond to be worth about $150 million, based on current prices for fancy vivid pink diamonds of similar quality.

“It’s not that I’m buying this with the money that I have in my piggy bank,” Wolf said. “It’s basically a group of investors—financial people—that are backing me on this and they are doing this as an investment, and hopefully to make a big profit.”

You tube video here:

Norwegian youth group YMCA-YWCA boycotts Israel