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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

March 3, 2014: News Updates

March snowstorm pummels East Coast, shuts down federal government (PHOTOS)

Published time: March 03, 2014

In DC, as much as 10 inches of snow is expected to drop in some areas, causing the federal government to close its doors for the day alongside schools. According to Reuters, Congress delayed votes as a result of the weather, though the Supreme Court was still expected to hear its scheduled arguments.

* Unelected power: Democracy on the retreat in Europe- March 3 2014

Genuine people’s power is on the retreat in Europe, and it's under attack from those who most loudly claim to be “democrats.”

Last week we saw the unelected EU foreign policy chief, Baroness Ashton, meeting the new unelected Ukrainian “president,” Aleksandr Turchynov, who came to power following a violent overthrow of that country's democratically elected president – with the rebellion backed by the EU.

Meanwhile, China Quietly Takes Over Zimbabwe

march 2 2014
While the developed world is focusing on the rapidly deteriorating developments in the Crimean, China, which has kept a very low profile on the Ukraine situation aside from the token diplomatic statement, is taking advantage of this latest distraction to do what it does best: quietly take over the global periphery while nobody is looking.
...In other words, while nobody was looking, China just took over one more nation without spilling a drop of blood.

China plans airbase in Zimbabwe

China is planning to set up a modern high-tech military base in the diamond-rich Marange fields, says a German-based website, Telescope News.

 Fed Lifts Veil Slowly on Bank Oversight in Era of Transparency

By Craig Torres Mar 3, 2014 6:00 AM GMT+0100
The Federal Reserve this month will take a step toward revealing more about its oversight of the financial system, an area where the central bank has yet to match the strides it has taken toward transparency in monetary policy.
With the scheduled publication of annual stress-test findings in March, the Fed will for the first time describe how rising interest rates could affect the health of the nation’s biggest banks.

 Gilead CEO Becomes Billionaire on $84,000 Hepatitis Drug

By Robert Langreth Mar 3, 2014 5:18 PM

John C. Martin, the chief executive officer of Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD), has become a billionaire on the prospects of a powerful new hepatitis C drug that’s attracting scrutiny from payers and activists over its $1,000 per pill price tag.

Former central banker: “[Bankers] are making it up as they go along.”

March 3, 2014
A few weeks ago, William White (former economist at the Bank of England, the Bank of Canada, and Bank of International Settlements) made a frank admission.
And while we search for assets whose prices are less obviously distorted by malign government intervention, it’s refreshing to hear a mea culpa from a member of the economics “profession”.


Posted on March 3, 2014 by The Doc   

The real story is in gold this past reporting period as the commercials added a MAMMOTH 21,432 short contracts to their overwhelming “ILLEGAL CORRUPT” short position and are now positioned to smash this market to oblivion.
In silver, we see the combined commercials approaching 200 MILLION short ounces now.  It would be nothing for them to start the high frequency trading casino wheels rolling and pound silver to below $18.
Again, in silver, we see an almost perfectly even distribution in the dis-aggregated numbers.  COLLUSION my friends, COLLUSION at its finest.


Posted on February 22, 2014 by The Doc   
    True Chinese gold demand in 2013 was a minimum of 2,800 tons- falsely reported by the bullion bank apologists at under 2,000 tons
    Why a sudden shortage of physical gold in March-April of 2013 forced essentially a gold default by 2 Dutch banks
    Bullion & Western Central banks are out of gold & near the end of the line- Macleod explains why the cartel can no longer manage their retreat: We’ve got a situation where the central bankers don’t have any idea how to get out of the situation they’ve created for themselves

US-led Afghan war for 'Western interests' - Karzai

Published time: March 03, 2014 13:41
Expressing “extreme anger” with the US, outgoing Afghan President Hamid Karzai says the US-led 12-year military operation in Afghanistan was never designed with the interests of his country in mind.
In an interview described as “unusually emotional,” the Afghan leader didn’t pull any punches in assessing US behavior in the course of the protracted Afghan war, begun by then-US President George W. Bush following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, according to an interview Karzai gave to The Washington Post.
“Afghans died in a war that’s not ours,” Karzai told the Post in a candid interview.

 2 March 2014 Last updated at 23:47 GMT

New head of Ukraine's navy defects in Crimea

The newly appointed head of Ukraine's navy has sworn allegiance to the Crimea region, in the presence of its unrecognised pro-Russian leader.
Rear Admiral Denys Berezovsky was only made head of the navy on Saturday, as the government in Kiev reacted to the threat of Russian invasion.
Ukraine's interim leaders have put him under investigation for treason.

 2 March 2014 Last updated at 16:06 GMT

Ukraine has ordered a full military mobilisation in response to Russia's build-up of its forces in Crimea.

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Ukraine was "on the brink of disaster".
In Crimea, Ukrainian soldiers faced off with Russian soldiers surrounding their bases while the Russian army is said to be digging trenches on the border with mainland Ukraine.

Why is China entering a nuclear security pact with Ukraine?

Xinhua News Agency on Dec. 10 reported that China and Ukraine on Dec. 5 signed a cooperative agreement which included this article: China, according to the UN Security Council Resolution 984 and the Chinese government statement on providing security guarantees to Ukraine on Dec. 4, 1994, promises unconditionally not to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear Ukraine, and to provide security guarantees to Ukraine if Ukraine is attacked by nuclear weapons or threatened by such aggression.
Clearly, this is a guarantee for strategic alliance and an unusual nuclear protection umbrella. Ukraine is far from China and in no way affects the latter's national security. What ,then, is the need for such an agreement?

Ukraine Capital Control Crunch: Largest Bank Limits Cash Withdrawals To $100 Daily

mar 02/2014
As we warned on Friday, the military escalation in Ukraine has had dire consequences for the financial state of the country, its banks, and ultimately its people. The central bank promised to rescue domestic banks so long as they agreed to its complete control and it appears the first consequences of that "we are here to help you" promise is coming true:


Privatbank is Ukraine's largest bank and while claiming this move is temporary (just like Cyprus' capital controls), the bank has also ceased new loans amid what it calls "geopolitical instability". In summary, you can't have your money back! Expect long angry lines at Ukrainian banks on Monday morning (and at the pace of collapse in the Hyrvnia, hyperinflation next).

Rule by oligarchs: Kiev appoints billionaires to govern east

Published time: March 03, 2014 07:08
The self-proclaimed government in Kiev has appointed two of Ukraine’s richest men to govern large industrial regions in the defiant east. One of the reasons for the Maidan protest was the influence the rich have on politics in the country.
The appointments of new governors of Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk Regions are among 18 made on Sunday by Kiev, which is struggling to consolidate power after the coup which ousted President Yanukovich last month.

Any government willing to cooperate with the IMF will be heralded as legitimate’

Published time: March 02, 2014 07:31
The West's proposed financial aid will not solve Ukraine’s economic problems, but increase austerity, professor of political economy Jeffrey Sommers told RT.
If the self-proclaimed government in Kiev cooperates with the IMF, it will be regarded as legitimate in the West, even if its decisions are unpopular in Ukraine itself, Sommers says.

BofA Warns Russian Ruble Weakness Is Here To Stay

march 02/2014
Since the start of 2014 the Russian Ruble has been for sale, and BofA's Macneil Curry warns, that trend will persist. With desk chatter that Russia's 2nd largest state owned bank VTB setting USDRUB exchange rate to 39.45 (a huge shift relative to Friday's close on MICEX was 36.05), trendlines are in peril.

The Greatest Propaganda Coup Of Our Time?

There’s good propaganda and bad propaganda. Bad propaganda is generally crude, amateurish Judy Miller “mobile weapons lab-type” nonsense that figures that people are so stupid they’ll believe anything that appears in “the paper of record.” Good propaganda, on the other hand, uses factual, sometimes documented material in a coordinated campaign with the other major media to cobble-together a narrative that is credible, but false.
The so called Fed’s transcripts, which were released last week, fall into the latter category.

North Korea fires two missiles into waters off Korean peninsula

March 3/2014
North Korea fired two short-range missiles off the east coast of the Korean peninsula on Mar. 3, reports the Seoul-based Yonhap News Agency, citing a retired South Korean official.
The Korean People's Army test-fired similar rockets last week on Feb. 27, firing four short-range Scud-B missiles into the sea, according to South Korea's defense ministry.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews mass-protest in Jerusalem over army-service draft law

Published time: March 02, 2014 21:3
Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews have paralyzed most of Jerusalem as men, women and children took to the streets to protest an army service bill that would require many of them to serve in the military.
Local media called the protest “a million man march” and put a number of participants between 250,000 to 400,000 people, while organizers said nearly 500,000 Haredi - ultra-Orthodox men as they are called in Israel – attended the rally.

No money, no jobs: Europe’s growing desperation

Patrick L Young is expert in global financial markets working in multiple disciplines, ranging from trading independently to running exchanges.
Published time: March 03, 2014 08:24

​The EU’s inability to deliver repeated promises of prosperity continue to ring hollow. After five bitter years of recession, now the bloc can barely register anemic growth.

 IBM Starts Cutting U.S. Jobs in $1 Billion Restructuring

By Alex Barinka Feb 28, 2014 6:00 AM

International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) began dismissing U.S. workers yesterday, part of a $1 billion restructuring to help the company meet profit goals as it adapts to shifts in the technology industry.

Police confiscate narcotics, arms in UK parliament

Sat Mar 1, 2014 7:18PM GMT
British police have revealed they arrested more than 40 members of parliament (MPs) since May 2010 for offences including the possession of narcotics and firearms or breaching police bail.

Protesters raid Libya parliament  demand its dissolution- March 2 2014

Dozens of protesters have stormed Libya's interim parliament building in Tripoli, with some of them rampaging through the building, witnesses have said.
According to the witnesses, the demonstrators entered the General National Congress (GNC) on Sunday and called for its dissolution, AFP reported.

Obama Skips National Security Team Meeting on Russia, Ukraine

3:47 PM, Mar 1, 2014 • By DANIEL HALPER
A White House official emailed some reporters to say that President Obama's team met today to discuss the ongoing situation on Ukraine. It appears President Obama did not attend.
"The President's national security team met today to receive an update on the situation in Ukraine and discuss potential policy options. We will provide further updates later this afternoon," reads the full statement.

Health chief slams statins: Millions face terrible side effects as prescription escalates-

march 2 2014
LEADING doctors are demanding an end to the widespread prescription of statins, warning that one in four Britons will soon be at risk of terrible side effects from the controversial heart drugs.[1396356420631215]&action_type_map=[%22og.likes%22]&action_ref_map=