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Thursday, 6 March 2014

March 6, 2014: News Updates

 Crimea parliament votes to join Russia

Deputy PM says decree effective immediately, and calls on Ukraine troops in region to accept Russian rule or leave.
Last updated: 06 Mar 2014 17:37
The Crimean parliament has voted to leave Ukraine and join Russia, with the region's deputy prime minister saying the decree was effective immediately and that Russian soldiers were the only legitimate forces in Crimea.
The parliament on Thursday unanimously adopted a motion for the strategic peninsula to join the Russian Federation.

Ukraine crisis: 'Illegal' Crimean referendum condemned

march 6 2014
The EU and US have joined Ukraine's government in condemning as "illegal" a move by the Crimea region to set up a referendum to endorse joining Russia.
The EU, meeting in Brussels, threatened "serious consequences" if Russia did not act to de-escalate the crisis.

House Passes $1 Billion Ukraine Loan Guarantee, Gazprom Sends Thanks

The oligarchs have taken over the asylum:


We are sure the auditors will be aggressively checking that this money does not flow directly from the US to Ukraine to Gazprom. But notably, we suspect, Jordan and Tunisia might be pissed as they just lst their funding. Not so much for Detroit or Puerto Rico also...

Russia And China Stand In Agreement On Ukraine – And That Is Very Bad News For The United States

Michael Snyder
So much for “isolating” Russia.  The Chinese government is publicly siding with Russia on the crisis in Ukraine, and that is very bad news for the United States.  Not only does it mean that the U.S. is essentially powerless to do anything about the situation in Ukraine, it also means that Russia and China are starting to understand how much economic leverage that they really have.  Yes, the Obama administration can threaten to slap “sanctions” on Russia or threaten to kick Russia “out of the G8“, but those actions would not actually hurt too much.  On the other hand, Russia and China hold approximately 25 percent of all foreign-owned U.S. debt, and if they started massively dumping U.S. debt it could rapidly create a nightmare scenario.  In addition, it is important to remember that Russia is the largest exporter of natural gas and the second largest exporter of oil in the world.  And China now imports more oil than anyone else on the planet does, including the United States.  If Russia and China got together and decided to kill the petrodollar, they could do it almost overnight.  So when it comes to Ukraine, it is definitely not the United States that has the leverage.

What the US Media Won’t Tell You About Ukraine

As usual, America’s foreign correspondents are falling down on the job.
Stories devoid of historical context cast Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a naked act of neo-Soviet aggression. Considering that the relevant history begins a mere two decades ago, its omission is inexcusable.
What the US Media Won't Tell You About Ukraine...

U.S. intelligence under fire over Ukraine

By John Crawley, CNN
March 6, 2014 -- Updated 0429 GMT (1229 HKT)
Washington (CNN) -- The nation's top intelligence office denies suggestions the United States was caught off guard by Russia's military intervention in Ukraine, calling reports to that effect "highly inaccurate."

BREAKING: U.S. Military Sends Fighter Jets To Assist NATO Among Ukraine Crisis

march 5 2014
Defense officials later confirmed that the U.S. will send six F-15s and one KC-135 to “augment the mission” in Baltic countries. The move is an attempt to bolster American military presence in the region.
The U.S. military currently provides four F-15s to what’s known as the Baltic Air Policing rotation, which oversees the highly disputed territory. According to the official, additional aircraft will be sent from a base in Britain to Siauliai Air Base in Lithuania.

Poland confirms U.S. sending F-16 jets for training drill

WARSAW, March 6 Thu Mar 6, 2014 12:37pm EST

(Reuters) - The U.S. military will send 12 F-16 fighter jets and 300 service personnel to Poland next week for a training exercise whose scope was expanded in response to the crisis in neighbouring Ukraine, Poland's defence minister said on Thursday.

Vladimir Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, left, and the commander of the Western Military District Anatoly Sidorov, right, walk upon arrival to watch military exercise near St. Petersburg, Russia, March 3, 2014. AP
OSLO -- Russian President Vladimir Putin has been nominated for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize — but the conflict in Ukraine is also likely to be on the Nobel committee's agenda.

Gen Dempsey: 'Two years' to overcome Snowden leak

march 6/14
It will take the US two years and possibly billions of dollars to overcome the harm done by Edward Snowden's intelligence leaks, the top-ranking US military officer has said.

European stocks lose steam as ECB sits on its hands

LONDON Thu Mar 6, 2014 6:36pm GMT
(Reuters) - European stock markets gave up their gains on Thursday after the European Central Bank chose not to take action to inject more liquidity into the region's financial system, disappointing some investors.

Greece's top banks need 6.4 billion euros in extra capital - central bank

ATHENS Thu Mar 6, 2014 6:43pm GMT
(Reuters) - Greece's major banks must raise an extra 6.4 billion euros ($8.9 billion) in capital to make themselves strong enough to deal with the fallout from future crises, the central bank said on Thursday.

Individuals flee shrinking U.S. municipal bond market

WASHINGTON Thu Mar 6, 2014 7:06pm GMT
(Reuters) - Individual investors have been fleeing the U.S. municipal bond market for more than a year, and data released by the Federal Reserve on Thursday shows they now hold the smallest amount of the debt in more than seven years.

Western countries alarmed as Libya slides towards chaos

ROME Thu Mar 6, 2014 8:03pm GMT
(Reuters) - Western countries voiced concern on Thursday that tensions in Libya could slip out of control in the absence of a functioning political system, and they urged the government and rival factions to start talking.
Two-and-a-half years after the fall of former leader Muammar Gaddafi, the oil-rich North African state is struggling to contain violence between rival forces, with Islamist militants gaining an ever-stronger grip on the south of the country.

Ex-guerilla closes in on El Salvador election win

SAN SALVADOR Thu Mar 6, 2014 8:01pm GMT
(Reuters) - A former Marxist guerrilla leader looks poised to win El Salvador's presidential election runoff on Sunday as voters embrace his ruling party's social programs despite opposition allegations that he plans to veer the country to the radical left.
Polls show Salvador Sanchez Ceren, a top leader of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) rebel army during the country's 1980-92 civil war, with about 55 percent support ahead of the runoff vote, enough to secure his party a second consecutive term.

Venezuela cuts ties with Panama over ‘conspiracy’

Thu Mar 6, 2014 5:45AM GMT
The Venezuelan government has announced that it is cutting ties with Panama, citing the Central American country's complicity in a "conspiracy" against Caracas.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Mar. 4, 2014 – A bill that would nullify Agenda 21 in Oklahoma passed through the state house today

HB2807, the “Oklahoma Community Protection Act,” would prohibit any state agency or political subdivision from adopting or implementing “policy recommendations that deliberately or inadvertently infringe upon or restrict private property rights without due process.” It also would void any previous commitments which may have been made under Agenda 21 or a similar program. It reads, “any debt or commitment to an international or federal entity whereby the citizens did not have the ability to exercise their constitutional rights shall be considered null and void.”

"Evening News" from Munich goes into bankruptcy

March 5 14- google translate:
The traditional Munich "evening paper" fighting for survival. On Wednesday, the Journal presented the Munich District Court for insolvency, as the publisher announced in Munich. The Friedmann family as the owner does not see himself more able to make further funds available.

Schoolboy, 13, creates nuclear fusion in Penwortham

- march 5 2014
A 13-year-old Lancashire schoolboy has become one of the youngest people in the world to carry out nuclear fusion.

Scuffles break out between police, protesters in Athens- March 6 2014